Awards at the Image 24 BPE Exhibition

Two of my photos received awards at the Image 24 National Exhibition last weekend.
The Image 24 Exhibition is a national exhibition organised by the South Birmingham Photographic Society and is another from the British Photographic Exhibition circuit. This was judged over the weekend 2nd - 3rd March and I had four images accepted including two awards.

Sparrowhawk with Starling News

Sparrowhawk with Starling scored 15/15 and was awarded a PAGB Silver Medal.

Storm Noa News

Storm Noa also scored 15/15 and received a BPE Ribbon.

This is the same composition as the other Storm Noa image but taken about one second later on a short burst. The waves had grown taller behind the lighthouse, filling in the gap and wrapping around the front of the lighthouse while not significantly obscuring it. I'm not sure which image I prefer but I wanted to try this one out in a few exhibitions.