4th Photophilics International Salon

Award for new Sparrowhawk photograph
Sparrowhawk with Starling News

Sparrowhawk with Starling was my only acceptance in the Photophilics International Salon, judged in India, but it was awarded a FIP Silver Medal.

This sparrowhawk has been a regular visitor to my garden but has always been too quick for me - by the time I got my camera out and set up he was gone. I think the starling was a bit bigger than its usual prey and put up more of a fight - you can see a feather in its beak so it has clearly fought back and the sparrowhawk has had to spend more time subduing it, which gave me the opportunity to take some photographs.
I took this photograph just a few weeks ago so this is the first time it has been entered in a competition and I am pleased it received an award.