Thursley Common Cuckoo

Photos of a well known cuckoo at Thursley Common.
Thursley Common Cuckoo

Cuckoo News

Have you ever spotted a group of photographers sat in a field looking at a stick and wondered what they are doing?

Yesterday I went to Thursley Common to try to get photos of this cuckoo who regularly makes appearances in his favourite field. He has been coming back to the same location for six years and is about to depart on his migration south towards Africa.

There were already four other photographers in this spot, just looking at the stick and waiting. And he kept us waiting, not showing up until almost two hours after his anticipated appearance time.

I have never seen a cuckoo this close before so it was a real thrill just to sit and watch... and take these photos, of course. The individual photos have been added to the gallery and there are more to come later.