5th Nordic Circuit

Four awards in the Nordic Circuit including a Gold Medal for Worthing Pier
This circuit consists of four separate salons, judged by different juries in each of the Nordic countries -Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and this year it attracted almost 500 entries from around the world, each entering up to eight photos.

I had a total of 24 acceptances across the four salons including four awards.

Worthing pier was awarded a SKsL Gold Medal in Denmark – its first medal.

Worthing Pier News

Watching the Storm was awarded a NFFF Bronze Medal in Denmark and a GPU Honourable Mention in Finland.

Watching the Storm News

Taking a Pounding was awarded a GPU Honourable Mention in Norway.

Taking a Pounding News

All the results are available on the Nordic Circuit website and the full catalogue will be available for download soon.